5 Positions You Probably Havent Tried Yet

Aren’t you just tired of that (hopefully) daily routine of missionary sex, cowgirl position and that doggy-style position? Ever wanted to try something new, but didn’t really know where to start off with your spouse? Here’s a short guide to spice your and your partners’ love life up, with five new thrilling positions I bet you haven’t tried yet.



Morning Glory
Morning Glory

When morning glory, slight sleepiness and morning breath meet each other, an elegant, creative pleasure booster has to take place. This position is definitely the answer for you. Sit cross-legged on the bed with each other before straddling, then insert the penis into the vagina and have her legs wrapping your back. As you’re sitting face to face, grab each other’s elbows and lean back against each other’s weight. From here the work is pretty easy and familiar, and I bet you’ll agree this is just a fantastic way to start off your day.



'GPS' - G-Spot Positioning System
‘GPS’ – G-Spot Positioning System

Out of all plain sex positions, the missionary one is probably the closest to locate the G-Spot. Unfortunately, usually it doesn’t really. :\ Here’s an upgrade for that missionary position that will make it much easier to find the G-Spot and experience a new position you probably haven’t tried yet. Lean back on a couch and have her straddling your lap with her legs splayed apart and her knees bent up against your chest. Have her slowly leaning back so she’s almost upside down, having her arms stretched, all the way to the floor. You should keep in static position while she thrusts back and forth against you, opening and closing her legs. Now, it might be easier for you two now to locate the G-Spot, and yet, I recommend to make it even easier if you are a first timer on my GPS instruction, and use some G-Spot stimulation Gel.



The Victory Position
The Victory Position

This is definitely one of my faves as a flexible gal who’d met a few men which were the exact opposite. Why have them going through hard work if I can make it a lot easier for me to cum, by stretching a little more than usual? So, this is how it goes: Kitchen counter usually is the best location for this one, while I’m sited on it, having the guy facing me. He’s knees are slightly bent, spaced about 3 feet apart. I put my arms around his shoulders and he puts his arms around my lower back. I slowly pull right leg up and prop my right foot on his left shoulder, and then I do the same with my left leg. I don’t know what you are going to feel about your woman after checking this position out, but I sure am used of being admired for this humble skill. When going all the way in, usually the cock stimulates the clit a little, so I just love it when a cock-ring is added to this party. It just makes the orgasm much stronger and much more intense.



The Staircase Position
The Staircase Position

For the next position all you are going to need is a staircase! (and maybe another prop which I’ll tell you about soon enough.) You’re going to love that one: While both of you facing the stairs, Have her on her knees on the landing of the staircase. Get really tight behind her so your bodies should mesh together. You should hold her hips while penetrating her from behind. This position will give you a unique upward tilt, and have you on the right way on stairway to heaven. If you want to have better grasp on her, while concentrating on the penetration rather than on holding to her hips, you might want to check out the Bondage Boutique Comfort Position.



Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra

Last but not least, here’s a super-sexy position taken right out of Kama Sutra. This one starts off with reverse cowgirl style, while you sit up with your legs extended. While positioned in reverse cowgirl style, she should have her legs extended back, and her torso down between your thighs and shins. What you’re going to get is one hell of a rear view you’re not going to forget any time soon, and easily spank her ass a little, while holding and pulling her hair back… I’m having a guess you wanna know a little more about all this Kama Sutra thing, don’tcha? 😉

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