Anal Beads – advanced pleasure even for beginners

Anal Beads
Lovehoney Beginner’s Anal Beads

Anal beads are a kind of sex toy, which consists of smooth round spheres resembling a sequence of pearls. These beads range from very tiny (just 25 mm in diameter) to 125 mm in diameter or beyond. Typically, beginners are advised to start presenting the smallest one in their sensitive anal hole and reaching up to 45 mm in diameter as women’s anus is pretty tight at the beginning (of course, that is something men find fascinating), still you may experience pain if trying to play the advanced level of this sexually exciting game. Moreover, anal beads are usually made of silicone, plastic, rubber, glass, metal or latex; the string has a larger sphere or handles at the end so you can pull out quickly in the moment of orgasm.


Anal Beads
Amorous Anal Triball Beads

Additionally, there are two different types depending on the bond holding the beads together: the first one possesses a flexible joint, which allows for the beads to be inserted into your anus one by one – in this way you may feel your anus being filled with every single step and experience gradual arousal; while the second type of toy presents semi-rigid thin shaft that gives you the chance to push the whole toy in all at once – the experience will be more intense and so will the pleasure following it as the sphincter is very enervated and you will feel every single touch on your anus.

So, if you are fed up with one and the same experience of having clitoris or vaginal orgasms, why not try the anal experience. It’s much more intense and takes you to places you have never been before.


Anal Beads
Fun Factory Bendy Beads Silicone Anal Beads

What is most important, though, for any kind of anal sex is relaxation of the muscles and the use of lubricants. Both of these precaution measures can prevent your thin rectum lining from tearing. Besides taking a hot bath can be very favorable for the relaxation of the anal muscles. A good type of lubricant is the water-based one as it won’t harm the silicone surface of the beads. Additionally, most of the anal toys are waterproof and could be used while you are in the shower, bath or Jacuzzi.

So all in all, when deciding to have anal stimulation you should know that this is a new kind of experience for you or may be for your partner also but still it’s truly amazing. Anal stimulation feels like tickling and arousal at the same time. Once you get to the real anal arousal with the help of anal beads you will be quite on the verge of coming; however, try to prolong the experience a bit and imagine your dream man getting inside you and moving real slow and gentle. Orgasm will come into waves covering your whole body and making it pulsate with amazing pleasure and intensity.

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