Mystim Casanova Anal And Vaginal Probe


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SKU: 6951801071036400 Brand: Mystim

Mystim’s Casanova is a vaginal and anal probe that originated in the medical branch. His light weight and organic shape make him especially appealing: The material mix of surgical steel and synthetics makes the probe especially light, so that it stays in place even if the user moves or walks around after Casanova has been inserted. And Casanova’s shape has been designed according to human ergonomics, making him exceptionally smooth, soft and steady. Casanova’s small conductive areas are placed at a relatively large distance from each other, making the stimulation especially intense and deep: The isolation of the poles is located some centimeters apart which makes the stimulation penetrated very deep, and the distance of about one centimeter between the poles means that the entire area in between is being stimulated. The soft tingling, rhythmic pulsating or sensuous pushing, can be enjoyed for hours or lead fast to new and unexpected orgasms. This makes Casanova perfect not only for e-sex beginners but also perfectly suitable for fetish lovers and those who enjoy something special. Length 10.0 cm, width 2.0 cm. You will require an e-stim device – like the Mystim Tension Lover (Item#4705), or the Mystim Pure Vibes (Item#4704) – to activate the poles. Please note that this version of the toy comes WITHOUT e-stim. Materials: plastic, polished surgical grade stainless steel. Length: 3.93 inch; Width: .78 inch.