ElectraStim Quadri-Polar Electrosex Silicone Prostate Massager


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Why so Sirius? Well, let us tell you! With a posable shaft coated in velvet-smooth silicone and 4 (yes 4!) e-stim contact points, the Sirius prostate massager stimulates you inside and out for biiiiig O’s. High voltage, without the danger (danger)! With a posable shaft for custom positioning, this silicone anal toy reaches internal sweet spots without a hitch. Conductive strips located in the shaft and base work together to stimulate the prostate and perineum in unison for out-of-this-world pleasure, while its silicone finish makes play hypoallergenic and luxuriously smooth. Unlike toys which vibrate, E-Stim currents directly awaken nerve-endings and encourage your muscles to contract just like they would during an orgasm. This ‘fools’ your body into reaching climax even sooner – not to mention the whole experience feels down right awesome! For the best use, insert your toy before switching it on, and start out on the lowest setting. If you’re a little apprehensive, grip the top of the toy with a closed fist, making contact with all sides of the toy, and test it here first. Depending on your sensitivity, you may be able to feel gentle throbbing on the lowest setting, but many people can’t feel anything at this point. Gradually increase the intensity until you can feel it and then go ahead and experiment to your hearts content. With such a customisable shape, this massager is also perfect for G-spot stimulation. We always recommend using with a generous squeeze of water-based lubricant to aid insertion and improve conductivity. Please note: Requires dual channel electro-sex power unit with 2mm pins to operate (not included). Warning: Not for use on the nipples or anywhere across the chest. Please note: This item can not be returned if it has been opened or used.