Lovense Calor Warming App Controlled Male Masturbator


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Close the distance between you and your lover with this app-controlled masturbator, from Lovense. Blessed with powerful vibrations, music sync, depth-control and a warming function, this multi-talented sleeve is perfect for long-distance love. The latest from sex-tech geniuses Lovense, the Calor is the latest way to stay connected to your lover when you’re apart. To use, simply line the ultra-soft internal canal with plenty of water-based lubricant, before sliding your erection inside. From here you can explore the vibrations and warming functions, and connect via smartphone to your lover’s toy. The Calor features depth-control, meaning the deeper you penetrate the more intense the vibrations become. Better yet, this high-tech masturbator has a squeezable grip, allowing you to change up the pressure. The Calor is also compact for wild weekends away and USB rechargeable.