Secrets 5 Function Remote Control Vibrating Lace Thong


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Who would choose a plain Jane brief when they could get a thong with added orgasm? Soft lace hugs and flatters as the hidden vibrator nestles against your clitoris for top-secret vibration elation that’s remote control operated. A hidden pocket in the crotch of the lace thong holds the included 5 x function mini vibrator, curved and tapered into a tiny saddle for comfortable and discreet stimulation. Remote control operable up to a range of 10 metres, pass the controls to your partner for them to drive the 3 x speeds and 2 x patterns, and drive you wild. Finally you won’t have to choose between turning up to work or climaxing, popping to the post office or climaxing, or going to a wedding or climaxing. This multi-functional, one-size-fits-most thong puts the ‘O’ in ‘on the go’ so you can supplement the day’s to-dos with orgasms on demand.