Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle


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SKU: 3202700712273732 Brand: Fetish Fantasy

Let science do the spanking! Made from flexible silicone for high-intensity wollops without additional effort, this spanking paddle provides hair-raising slaps without knackering the spanker as well as versatility that beats any paddle you already own. Thanks to its 100% silicone make up, this paddle is waterproof, temperature responsive, hypoallergenic and flexible for total versatility during play. Spank your lover with a hot or cold touch, or take it in the shower – the possibilities are endless. Plus, unlike rigid spankers which require extra effort from Dom for harder spanks, the flexible yet weighty characteristic of this paddle automatically intensifies spanks thanks to physics (yay science!) Use the smooth surface to lightly tap (or sharply smack) your lover’s behind to increase blood flow and sensitivity and, when you’re ready, swap to the diamond quilted side to experiment with spine-tingling strokes. Tie a piece of ribbon through the handle to create an ergonomic wrist loop for extra stability during play.


Fetish Fantasy