Lovehoney Beginner’s Flogger


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Tickle, tease, stroke and please with this beautiful beginner’s flogger. One of the most versatile spanking tools money can by, its lightweight miniature design and soft faux leather fronds make first time whip play exciting, and anything but frightening. Somewhere between a feather tickler and a whip, floggers offer a great range of sensations to explore. Delicately trace your lover’s body with the tassel tips to tease nerve endings and heighten sensitivity. When you’re ready to up the ante, experiment with levels of intensity and progress from light flicks to stingy whips to test your sub’s limits. After a jolly good flogging your partner’s skin will become beautifully responsive to subsequent touches. Take this opportunity to kiss, lick and tease them all over and watch as they wiggle with excitement.