Lovehoney Red Furry Handcuffs


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Fluffy on the outside, hardcore on the inside. Just like Chuck Norris’ beard these furry cuffs pack a punch your sub won’t be expecting. Within the soft faux fur exterior is a set of lockable metal handcuffs for reliable restraint with a cosy embrace. Perfect for beginners and wonderfully versatile, these simple wrist cuffs can be easily tailored to suit your play scenario. Leave the faux fur sleeves intact to treat your lover to gentle cushioned restraint, or up the ante by removing them to reveal the metallic handcuffs beneath and enjoy harder role play fun. Supplied with 2 keys (just in case you lose one!), these cuffs also feature a backup quick-release lever for ultimate peace of mind. A great choice for beginners who want to explore gentle restraint for the first time.