Purple Reins Double Leg and Arm Restraint Set


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SKU: 3202701467036459 Brand: Purple Reins

Can you touch your toes? If you like your lover’s derrière, you’ll love this restraint which folds them in two. Designed to bind wrists-to-ankles and arms-to-legs, achieve full-limb restraint and put your sub in a bottoms-up pose in a matter of seconds. When your Purple Reins set arrives, separate out the 4 pieces. The 2 smallest straps bind your sub’s wrists to their ankles, and the 2 larger straps should be used too bind their arms to their legs. For this, use the smaller half of the large strap around the arm just below the elbow, then strap the larger half around their thigh. Your sub should now be bound in 2 places on each arm/leg: wrist-to-ankle, and arm-to-leg. All 4 of the Velcro-fastened straps on this set adjust for the perfect fit at the wrists, ankles, arms and thighs. Wrist cuff: 6 – 8. 5 inches Anke cuff: 6. 5 – 11 inches Arm cuff: 8 – 10. 5 inches Leg cuff: 10. 5 – 15 inches Love purple? Check out the rest of the Purple Reins bondage gear to purple-ify your toy box!


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