Renegade Rubber Latex Gimp Mask Muzzle


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SKU: 3202701403456900 Brand: Renegade Rubber

Whether you crave domination or simply want to practice your best Bane impression, this latex gimp mask does it all. Super-stretchy to fit any head, it effectively covers your ears, nose and mouth for ultimate sensory deprivation. “Let the games begin…” For latex lovers, this mask is where it’s at. While its form-fitting rubber stretches over your mouth and nose, immersing you in the distinct scent of latex, an over-head strap extends the rubber over your ears to muffle sound. Intensify audio deprivation by also wearing earplugs. Holes over the nose and mouth ensure easy breathing for the wearer, and makes safe words easier to utter, if required. Perfect for muzzle play. Not a fan of Batman? (WTF) Don’t worry. This headpiece also doubles up as a fabulous Mortal Kombat mask for all your ninja requirements. “FINISH HIM”.


Renegade Rubber