Rubber Girl Latex Spanking Panties


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SKU: 3202700598499363 Brand: Rubber Girl Latex

Frame your booty-patootie with rubbery goodness in these open back latex spanking panties. Skintight and glossy for the classic, eye-grabbing fetish look, these backless bottoms leave your butt completely exposed for spanking, stroking and anal fun. Pair with a latex bra, nothing at all, or wear under everyday clothing for secret latex pleasure. Don’t forget that latex is very tight and needs a little help to slide on easily. Just grab yourself some silicone lube and apply it to the inside of your garment to help it glide over your body. Top tip: Silicone lube also doubles up as a latex shiner so add a drop to your outfit once it’s on and get buffing to get that classic glossy look.


Rubber Girl Latex