Scarlet Bound Thigh, Wrist and Ankle Restraint


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SKU: 3202700131440734 Brand: Scarlet Bound

Wrap your lover in seductive scarlet straps with these bondage restraints – just customise the straps and cuffs at the start to decide which position you’ll play in. This Scarlet Bound set can be altered to suit beginners, experts and any flexibility. This restraint includes two strap sets. Each set features a large cuff, designed to be worn around the thigh, a pre-attached smaller cuff which can be used for the ankle, and a completely detachable padded wrist cuff which can be attached to the main unit in one of two places. To wear the restraints for maximum bondage, first detach the padded cuff. Now, fasten the small, non-padded cuff around the ankle. Next, fasten the larger strap around the thigh. This should put the restrained leg into a full bend. To add wrist restraint, fasten the padded (currently detached) cuff around the corresponding wrist, and reconnect it to one of the two metal O-rings near the ankle strap. This is most easily achieved with your sub sat on their knees. The detachable cuffs can be enjoyed on their own for simple handcuff or ankle cuff bindings. Also, the thigh-to-ankle strap can be used for thigh-to-wrist bondage if you prefer. To use the straps this way, simply detach the padded cuffs, and use the non-padded figure-eight style straps on their own. Vital stats: Padded cuffs adjust between 8 and 13 inches in circumference. Thigh cuffs adjust between 16 and 26 inches in circumference. Non-padded ankle/wrist cuffs adjust between 8 and 13 inches in circumference. Love red? Check out the rest of the Scarlet Bound bondage gear to crimson-ify your toy box.


Scarlet Bound