Silver Seduction Over-the-Door Restraint


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SKU: 3202700779880521 Brand: Purple Reins

Get some of that sweet vertical lovin’ with this beginner’s over-the-door restraint set. It secures over any closed household door and keeps your sub’s arms above their head, putting them in the perfect position for all sorts of play. Fully customisable. Perfect for first-time standing bondage thanks to Velcro closures and sumptuous padding, this over-the-door set can be tailored to suit different heights. Alternatively, intentionally set the length too short and force your sub onto their tippy-toes. To adjust the height, slide the wooden bar into one of three positions, and put the cuffs through one of the remaining slots to create the perfect length for your play. The cuffs are completely detachable, allowing you to replace them with a set of your own, or to enjoy them on their own as wrist or ankle cuffs. Each Velcro-fastened cuff adjusts between 6. 5 and 11 inches for the perfect fit.


Purple Reins