Vibrating Anal Beads


Graduated anal beads 7.5″ long by 1″ wide Takes 2 AAA batteries

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The Vibrating Anal Beads aren’t just the anal beads you’ve heard about—these bad boys vibrate. These souped up anal beads feature multi-speed vibrations for discerning buttholes. Oh, and for your anus, too. These Vibrating Anal Beads are 7.5″ long, with beads 0.65″ wide that graduate up to 1″ wide. This flexible, glittered, jelly beaded probe offers multi-speed vibrations to increase pleasure and stimulation. The beads and the shaft are jelly soft, and flexible for added comfort. They vibrate with a pleasurable purr. The handy nylon retrieval cord makes it easy to remove the beads when you’re done enjoying them. The Vibrating Pleasure Beads are also waterproof, so you can enjoy them everywhere! Anal beads heighten orgasm. Usually people insert anal beads during sex play, then pull the beads out slowly at the moment of orgasm. This allows you to feel the contractions of your PC muscles more intensely. Vibrating Anal Beads make insertion and removal more pleasurable. Takes 2 AAA batteries.